Ryan Lindquist has been shooting and editing videos since 2006.

He focuses mainly on wedding videography, bringing a modern style to the table.

Ryan has the ingenuity to bring together a creative, artistic masterpiece that will emotionally captivate its viewers.

Tips for Choosing a Videographer

We hope these will help you in choosing your videographer. Enjoy your planning!

Meet with your videographer before you secure the booking. They will likely be working very closely with you during your special day, so ensure that you are comfortable with him or her.

Ask to see a finished video. Many videographers will only showcase their best work in little snippets compiled together. Be aware that these DVDs are not what you will be receiving. Take a look at a finished video that has been provided to another client from that videographer.

Don't limit yourself to a videographer that is located in your home town. Many of them love to travel!

What type of equipment do they use? Typically, videographers who use the Glidecam stabilization systems are able to capture more cinematic type shots.

What is their backround? How long have they been in the profession?

Make sure you sign a contract together. This way you know exactly what is expected of your videographer.

Make sure you know what is all included in the price...

  • Number of DVDs?
  • Custom Label design?
  • Raw footage?
  • Online posting of video segment?
  • DVD Menu montage / scene selection?

Ask for an estimated completion date of your finished video.

Ask your videographer if he or she will attend the rehearsal. The rehearsal can be an opportunity for your videographer to ensure proper positioning for the ceremony and "break the ice" with others participating in the day.

Provide the videographer with a detailed schedule for the day. The more the videographer is aware of what is taking place, the less chance they will miss capturing anything.

Think about additional ideas for your video. Perhaps create a list of different shots you want in the video to further customize it.